A great deal of my own healing journey came through the following resources.  In addition to these, several books by authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and Carol Tuttle were foundational.  Also, a wonderful series presented by Steven Horne, made available on his YouTube channel, echoes several of my experiences over the years.   
There is much you can do for yourself if you wish to.  I wish you all the best in your own healing journey.
*I do not receive any compensation for any recommendations I make on my website.


The Emotion Code

Developed by Bradley Nelson DC, The Emotion Code releases trapped emotional energies that are often connected with physical ailments, relationship issues, and personal difficulties.

The first two chapters of The Emotion Code are available for free through a special offer from Dr. Nelson through his website.

*I am not a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I do not represent myself as such, nor do I represent Dr. Bradley Nelson or Discover Health in any way.

The Body Code

The Body Code program allows communication with the subconscious mind through muscle testing to correct the underlying causes of imbalance within the various systems of the body to improve health, relationships, and multiple other areas of life.

I am incredibly grateful for the benefit this has been in my own life and while it is not free, it is a self-help option that is worth the investment.  For more information and pricing, visit Dr. Bradley Nelson's website.

*I am not a certified Body Code Practitioner, I do not represent myself as such, nor do I represent Dr. Bradley Nelson or Discover Healing in any way.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form or psychological-energy acupressure that involves using the tips of the fingers to lightly tap on the ends of meridian points on the face, hands, and body while working though emotional or physical discomforts and thought processes. The first time I heard about EFT I thought it was rather silly, but then I experienced it for myself. I was in a complete panic borderlining hysterical. 

I was taken through three rounds of tapping, a total of 15 minutes, which took my suffering and emotions from a 10 to a 0, never to surface again. I've since used it many times.

Whether it's physical pain, emotional turmoil, or just being “stuck” in your life, EFT may hold the key to your freedom.  There are many books and videos on YouTube available. Tapping Solution is a favorite of mine.

EFT Tapping

The Byron Katie Method

The Work of Byron Kate is a process to identify and examine the thoughts that trigger you emotionally.


Everything you need to be able to do The Work is available for free on Byron Katie's website.

There are also numerous videos available to help you understand The Work and it's process by doing a quick search on YouTube for "Byron Katie". She also has several posted videos on her FaceBook page

I have personally worked with this process many, many times over the years and found great relief and insights. 

If you have questions you would like answered privately, drop me a note.  I will be in touch as soon as I am able.

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