Energy Work & Emotional Healing
There is an unseen, but very influential, aspect of our mortal existence. It is known as the energy body. Everything that exists, at it's most basic form, is a system of energy. The earth and every planet, every animal, creature, tree and plant, and every human being.  


The state of the energy body greatly influences the growth, health, and wellbeing of the subject to which it belongs. When the energy is out of balance, the emotional, mental, and physical states are negatively affected. When the energy is balanced and clear, the emotional, mental, and physical states reflect that balance and well-being.

What kinds of things cause the energy of the body to become out of balance?  Physical trauma, emotional trauma, inherited energies passed through the generations of a family line, subconscious beliefs, and unquestioned negative thoughts just to name a few.  All these things, at their core, are a vibration of energy that influences us, for better or for worse.

Because energy is all around us, Energy Work  and Emotional Healing can be done in person or remotely, known as proxy work or distance healing.  Much like the technology of telephone communication made it possible to talk to friends and loved ones from a distance in real time, healing can also now be done remotely.  


If you would like energy work and emotional healing to be part of your wellness journey, I am honored to offer you my assistance helping you achieve greater emotional freedom and well-being.

Intuitive Energy Work &

Emotional Healing

Over the past several years of learning various forms of energy work, emotional healing methods, and learning to trust the gifts and abilities that I began to understand and and better develop in  2010, I have had a great deal of understanding and information unfold to me, expanding my ability to not only help myself, but to assist others as I have worked with them. Some call these gifts Claircognizance (suddenly know something, like a download of information), Clairvoyance (receiving information via mental images through the mind’s eye), Clairaudience (the ability to perceive sounds, words or noise from the spiritual realm), Clairempathy (the awareness or perception of emotional energy), and Clairsentience (obtaining intuitive insight by way of a physical experience in the body).

My main gifts are Claircognizance (I have a history of this from even my earliest childhood), Clairvoyance, and Clairempathy, and occasionally Clairsentience comes into my experience.

I am always amazed at how doing what I refer to as intuitive energy work and emotional healing expands my love and compassion for humanity and I am grateful to be able to share this truly healing work with the world.

Mindfulness & Self-Actualization Coaching

For as long as I can remember I have been called to encourage, inspire, help others find the answers they are looking for, and empower people to help themselves in many areas of life.  Sometimes that feedback is simply cheering you on. Sometimes it's pointing out areas that may need some looking at. Sometimes it's teaching you how to access your own personal wisdom and power.
If you are looking for assistance in your life pursuits, whether it seems like it should be no big deal, or if feels like your everything, I am excited to cheer you on, hold you accountable, or help you find the answers you are looking for.

What expands


"The state of your individual world is a reflection of your state of mind."     ~ Wayne Dyer

If you have questions you would like answered privately, drop me a note.  I will be in touch as soon as I am able.

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